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With our listing Decorating Services we can help inspire all the little things that can bring your dream room to life. Our Decorators carry an endless assortment of brand name custom window coverings, including blinds, shades and drapery fabric samples that run the spectrum from essential neutrals and basics, to rich jewel tones and radiant pastels. In addition, our Decorators can beautify your home with interior shutters, custom upholstery and bed coverings and can add accessories like custom drapery hardware and ottomans. So let your imagination roam freely, but know that when you're dealing with the professionals.


How to dress your home for a celebration s the air takes on a chill, thoughts turn to the busy season ahead. Whatever event you celebrate, it's a time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy one another's company. Here's how you can make your home a little more festive this season.

Natural touch

Fresh flowers are special any day of the year. Put them in every room that your guests will be visiting. Add the scent of fresh greenery - boughs of cedar, pine and balsam - from your local garden centre or your own backyard. Mix in magnolia leaves, with their green reversing to copper, for a beautiful contrast. Seeded eucalyptus, in green or purple, adds softness and a lovely aroma. Twigs of dogwood, pussy willow, curly willow and birch add height and strength to your arrangements.

Freshen up

Fresh fruits and vegetables, in profusion, make lovely centrepieces, especially when placed in special containers like crystal bowls or on silver trays. Add green pears, clementines, lemons, limes and apples to your floral arrangements.

Take inventory

Use existing silver and gold tablecloths and accessories, special dishes, crystal bowls, candlesticks - they all add sparkle and shine to a festive occasion. Even costume jewelery can add a little bling to your tablescapes.

Get glowing

Light candles to set the mood. Create monochromatic groups in varying sizes, such as all ivory or all gold. Set them near mirrors and glossy objects to amplify their glow. For a centrepiece, set a group of candles on a framed mirror or tray.

Light switch

Add twinkle lights to larger house plants or trees. And speaking of lights, change the shades on your chandelier, or add shades if you don't already have them. If the shades are normally white, switch to black with gold or silver trim. This will soften the light and direct it toward your table or the room in general. While you're at it, why not change the shades on your lamps? If they are normally white, change one, or all, to dramatic black with a gold liner for a warm glow.

Tie one on A ribbon,

that is.... have lots of books and magazines lvE around, grab a bundle of them and w-v a pretty ribbon around them. Add sels to doorknobs and furniture handi Use lots of oversize organza, instead :ribbon, to wrap around fresh arrar:ments or stair railings.

Change it up

Change the colour of-, decorative pillows; add a colourful th: to a sofa or chair. Change your arrsv::i for the season, or rearrange treasu: pieces for colour or atmosphere. F:- longevity though, work with accems colours that go with your decor, ra than a seasonal theme, so you can er it after the holidays.

Get set

Set your table with special-osion touches, like chargers under the p with place cards to show your ti you've planned for their enjoyment.

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Linon Home Decor Helen Jewelry Armoire

Linon Home Decor Helen Jewelry Armoire
Price : $126 USD
The Black Helen Jewelry Armoire is fit for any modern or contemporary space. The armoire has an eye-catching lattice designed front that opens to reveal multiple drawers for storing all of your priceless jewelry pieces. Each side opens to reveal even more storage. The smooth top flips up to showcase a hidden mirror and storage area. A soft grey lining protects your pieces. The freestanding design allows you to place this piece throughout your home.