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Country Style Home Plans

Country style home plans combine the best elements of cottage style and farmhouse style. The difference between a country style home and that of a cottage, is the country style is larger. Country style homes also have more exclusive usage of wood materials for the siding, for trim, for porch posts, and other. You could certainly compare a country style home to that of a farmhouse style - they are similar in many ways. You'll find country style homes out along the countryside - generally, where you'll find farmhouses, barns, grain silos and livestock. The country style homes you will find today have a simplicity about them, but also an intricate craftsmanship. You'll find windows that are evenly spaced, and a front or reach porch (or both). Iconic country style homes as well as farmhouses, always had a front porch with evenly spaced columns and forward facing windows. You'd sometimes also find a porch fan, and some folk sitting outside the front porch (possibly with a guitar, or a shotgun, depending upon their mood).

Country style homes are generally one or two stories. They're gorgeous from any side you look at them. The inside is quite spacious, and mainly traditional in terms of the rooms you will find inside of the home. The country setting is one to be desired. It matches with the overall "flavor" and feeling of living in the country. Imaging watching old westerns and you'd have Grannie out on the front patio, rocking back and forth in a vintage wooden rocking chair. The front porch has columns all the way across, with a rustic themed country style door and forward facing windows. This is the essence of a country style home.