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Cottage Style House Plans

Every home owner's dream is to build a cottage by the lake. Many people have these dreams and this lifelong vision. Maybe you have already purchased your dream cottage in cottage country. Or perhaps you would like to build a second cottage - for yourself, for a family member, or to rent. A cottage on the lake can be a lovely getaway spot for anyone - it does not matter who it is, whether it's you, your dad, your mom, sister brother, fiance, wife, or the entire family. Growing up, a weekend getaway at the cottage was an exciting and fun experience for the entire family. A cottage by the lake was the utmost experience, because being able to run off the dock and jump right into the water - it was the epitome of the cottage experience. Surrounded by trees, our cottage was an inviting home away from home. There wasn't a TV with cable - just lots of trees, water, and outside activities.

This is often the best way to be, when it comes to scheduling your cottage trip. Don't bring a lot of technology with you - be minimal. Don't bring the TV, the iPads, the Nintendos, etc. A cottage is supposed to be a day away from the everyday life - to be one with nature. The best experiences when you go for a cottage trip, come from being outside - not inside. Educate your kids this way as they are growing up and you will never regret it. It teaches kids something they may not be able to learn in everyday life.

Coming back to building a cottage - the cottage style home plans that are offered here, are beautiful architectural designs that literally will withstand the test of time. We say literally because cottage style home plans are not a new idea - they have been around for decades. There is a reason for that - the architectural style is not necessarily the most popular, but they are functional. They meet a purpose. A purpose of being able to retreat to another place whenever you need to. With our cottage style home plans, that place you retreat to can be a lovely work of art.