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Victorian Home Plans

A victorian style home can be kind of like the gingerbread house. You know - the one from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale? These Victorian homes are so beautiful though, we really doubt there is a wicked witch waiting in the home! Also, some of these Victorian homes are so large, you may not find them off a path in the middle of the woods. Victorian architechture is built upon more practical things as well, it's not about Hansel and Gretel, and the wicked witch. Victorian homes have gotten more and more advanced over the years, due to advances in technology. This has allowed builders to construct fancy, lovely homes that are really only limited by the imagination and creativity of the builder. And hey - if you like the gingerbread home, it is a possibility! The gingerbread trim can be constructed with the home too, if you prefer.

Features of a Victorian home plan:

  • Large home, not completely symmetrical like other designs
  • May include roof elements that have varying dimensions and measurements
  • Can include one porch or multiple porches
  • More decorative than other home plan styles