Etched Lace Window Film 24-by-36-Inch

Etched Lace Window Film 24-by-36-Inch

Etched Lace Window Film 24-by-36-Inch

This Light Effects Etched Lace Decorative window film provides the look of stained glass. Provides privacy yet allow natural light to enter the room. This window film refracts light giving the film a three dimensional quality.-Self-adhering (static) - no adhesives and easy to install and remove-Stained glass window design looks like textured glass-24 inches x 36 inches sheets fit together like wallpaper -Protects your furniture and carpets from harmful UV rays -Can be trimmed to fit any custom size window

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Price : $18 USD

Etched Lace Window Film 24-by-36-Inch
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